TachyTechy™ Earbuds

Bringing you the best quality sound at an affordable price. TachyTechy™ earbuds are premium earbuds specially designed for the Nepali market. It has been tuned with utmost care to enhance music, reduce noise and provide you crystal clear sound.

Immersive Sound
Immersive Sound
Experience every beat of your music like never before. Step into the musical realm with deep Powerful bass and crystal clear sound.
Clear Voice Calls
Clear Voice Calls
Premium speaker and carefully placed microphones provide you a perfect earphone to have a conversation. Let it be a business meeting or a chat with your dear ones, do it all without having to untangle any of those clumsy wires.
Long-lasting Battery
Long-lasting Battery
One charge will take you through your day. Upto 4 hrs play time on your earbuds and the enough juice in the case to charge your earbuds 3 times
The music can continue when you are on the move. Rain or sweat, we have you covered.
Comfortable Fit
Comfortable Fit
Ergonomic design guarantees perfect fit. Simply hugs your ear and stays in place even when you are on a move
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0 for an uninterrupted reliable connection. So that every beat of your music flows right to your ears.
Premium Metal Body
Premium Metal Body
Built to withstand daily wear-n-tear. Durable, reliable and Sturdy, just enough so you can listen to your music carefree.
Easy Pairing
Easy Pairing
Intelligent pairing. Pair it once and all you will get connected everytime you pull out your earbuds.

True Immersive Sound

TachyTechy™ earbuds feature a superior quality

speakers tuned to enhance all your music.

It features deep powerful basscrystal clear sound,

noise reduction all in a sleek design

User Friendly Design and Operation

TachyTechy™ earbuds give you complete control over your listening experience. Enjoy any media and crystal clear calls, all at your fingertips.

  • Long press for 3 seconds to turn it on/off
  • When connected, long press for 1 second to skip to the next song.
  • When listening to the music, short press to pause/play music.
  • short press to answer incoming calls
  • Long press to reject incoming calls

Weather proof and sweat resistant

TachyTechy™ earbuds will be your music buddy where ever you go. Let me be running in the rain or sweating in the gym; you can carry your music or stay connected with your loved ones wire-free.

Wireless Version: 5.0

Operation Distance: 10m

Single Use Time:4 hours

Use Time With The Charging Box: 12 hours

Easy Pairing

Instructions for first time pairing:

Ensure left and right buds are connected to eachother:

The earbuds are designed for easy pairing. When pulled out the charging box, the right and left bud should automatecally pair with each other within 15 sec, If they fail to pair for any reason, double tap any one of the bud touch-panel to manually pair them.

Establish one time connection with your bluetooth compatible device:

Once left and right earbuds get paired, open your bluetooth device and search for the device name. Tap on the device name and you should hear "connected". This completes your pairing process. After that, the blue led on the left and right earphone will flash once every 5 sec.


1/2: Multifunction button
3/4: Status
5/6: Built-in Mic
7: charging box
8: Charging port for the charging box
9: Indicator lamp of the charging box battery capicity